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Going Going, Back Back, to Cali Cali

The Buffalo Bills will be making their first trip back to LA to play the Rams since 1983 for their week 5 matchup. The Bills have also, not won a game on the West coast since 2004. This will need to change if the Bills want any chance of making the playoffs, since they are traveling to the West Coast 3 times this year. Last week the Bills took another step forward. The offense looked solid and Zach Brown continued to be a legit force on the field. Tyrod also continued to progress, and looked great escaping the pressure, looking up field and hitting an open WR. We are on to LA and Jeff fisher, let’s take a look at the Jeff Fisher coaching Philosophy:

Fisher has not had an above .500 record in 6 years and never with the Rams, but he is the best mediocre coach that will never get fired. So, hopefully he doesn’t get too far away from his goal of 8-8 with a win this week.

Keys to the Game

• Make Case Keenum Beat You

Let us be honest its Case freaking Keenum, yes he is 6-2 since week 14 of last year, but its Case freaking Keenum. Shut down their most dangerous weapon in Gurley and make Keenum pass and make him pay for passing (exactly what 49ers did) Almost the same game plan on Defense as the Pats game. Defense will have to be aware of trick plays to Tevon Austin since Rams try to score points in unconventional ways.

• Don’t Let the Rams Defense Win the Game

This is how the Rams win games. If you don’t know the name Aaron Donald, you soon will. He honestly could be considered the best player in the NFL; it is between him and Von Miller as the best defensive players in the league. He is just a huge disruptive force in the middle of their line and the Bills OL will have to double him. The one weak point they have is they have struggled vs mobile QBs. Blaine and Winston scored some points on them, with help of Case freaking Keenum turning the ball over. Palmer and a one legged Wilson struggled to put points on the board. Their defense is top 5 in takeaways and is the main reason their offense has scored points because of the good field position.

• Keep the Offense Simple

Pretty sure I can just keep copying and pasting this each week, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Keep giving the ball to McCoy, Tyrod, Clay, and now Woods. Simple routes with simple reads were key last week and as mentioned before, Tyrod looked great scrambling with his head up to throw. Even the wildcat, some say its “not keeping it simple”, which is false. It’s the simplest play we have, its honestly hiking the ball straight back and running forward for 5 yards every single time. Huge week to not turn the ball over and just score points whenever you get the chance.

This is a huge game for the Bills to prove they are different this year. If they want to be considered an actual contender these are the games they need to win. Going to the West Coast against a team, that on paper the Bills are better. Adding Dareus to this lights out defense will be huge with coming back to the East Coast with the win. I expect a very close low scoring game and so does Vegas with the lowest O/U total of 39.5. Expect a dogfight Sunday that will be the Bills put up or shut up game.

Hope everyone took my advice and watched the Clemson/Louisville game because it was the best college football games of the year.

Let’s continue to not suck,

-Scott Campbell


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