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Are You Ready for Some Football?!

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The Bills get a Monday Night Football game on the road again this year. Last year versus the Patriots the Bills played a solid game and came up short (thanks refs for not knowing the game was under NFL rules) Before we talk about last game and this game I just want to talk about Aaron Williams. As much as McCoy is the MVP of the offense. Aaron Williams has to be considered the MVP of the defense. In the 4 games Aaron Williams has played less than 60% of the snaps the Bills are 0-4; in the 4 games he has played more than 80% of the snaps the Bills are 4-0. Not only is he a very good Safety, he is a leader of that Defense and makes sure the defensive backs are all on the same page. It is obvious watching the games that the secondary is completely different, for the worse, when he is not out there. I have met him several times at my times at Fisher and he is genuinely the nicest and happiest guy ever. Might have had a couple shots with him back in the day too; but I’m hoping he has a speedy recovery and if that was his last game on the football field no one should blame him. Now On to the Keys to the game:

Keys to the Game

  • Catch the Ball

I know the ball was slick last week, but the Patriots did not seem to be effected by it. I know our WR corps are all hurt, but you are a NFL player you need to catch the ball. I will defend Tyrod again this week, as is usual, but you can’t expect him to throw it to himself (he probably could actually) I know Tyrod missed some throws too, but there were 5 or 6 drops in key situations that are just devastating. The Harvin signing could help with this, but I don’t expect him to play much this week. He has been out of football for a year, so anything he does is just an added perk.

  • Do not get Down Big

It is no secret the Bills offense is very good at running and it is basically our entire offense. Last week the run game was fantastic, but when you get down big that plan goes out the window. This offense’s passing game is just not there yet, so at this time, leading or keeping it close are our best options. Seattle’s offense is not very good this year, their run game is not the same as in past years, and Wilson seems to be hurt. Hopefully the defense can hold them too little to no points and give the offense a chance.

  • Play Desperate

There is a bye week next week, they have lost two straight games, and we could make a statement on Primetime TV in front of the nation. There is no reason to not come out flying. They will have a full week off to get healthy and make a second half run for the playoffs. The schedule is favorable in the 2nd half to get to that 9 to 10 win season. This game would just be an added bonus to get to that 10 win season. Time to make that statement going into the bye week. PS NO DRIVE KILLING PENALTIES THIS WEEK

Expect Shaq Lawson to have a big game if Alexander is limited, the dude eats up scrambling QBs and Seattle’s offensive line is very weak this year.

In other Buffalo news the Sabres are 4-4-2 without their best player and have looked decent their last 5 games.

Let’s get off this suck train,

Scott Campbell


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