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Bring Out the Brooms - Week 8 Preview

If you think the Bills have zero chance this week to win, then just stay away from the Ralph and do not watch the game. The Bills do not want your fandom and neither do the real fans of this team. Go listen to WGR and nod your head while you get off to the negativity. There is a reason most teams do not win 5 games in a row in the NFL, because it is very HARD. It is HARD to win in the NFL let alone on the road in a divisional game. Yes, it sucks we lost, but I am not going to say this team is terrible and say the QB is terrible and he cannot win in the 4th quarter. Teams have bad games. It happens; it is how you respond to getting punched in the face that shows your true character.

Keys to the Game

• O-Line Bounce Back Game

Major reason for the loss last week was the OLine. They gave Tyrod no time to make a single read and he was scrambling for his life within 2 steps back. Also, they did not give the RB many holes that we have been accustom too the last few weeks. Credit Miami’s defense line, they finally played up to their potential, but the OLine will have a bounce back game, they are too talented not too.

• Play not to Lose the Game

This goes for both the players and the coaches. Patriots are a good team, they’ve been a good team for a long time, but DO NOT put them on a pedestal. The second you start looking up to them like they are some big bad machine you’ve lost the game before its even started. I love how much this team hates the Patriots. They are confident they can beat them and you need that for an upset. Need to be more aggressive in play calling; go for the TD instead of a FG and go for it on 4th instead of punting. You lose by 30 or 1 you still lost. Go for broke

• Put Brady on his Back

Last year the Road night game, the Bills kept hitting and hitting Brady and it was one of the best performances the Bills have had against him. Once we get Brady complaining to the Ref, it can take his mind off the game and we can take advantage of that. I think we will be seeing sets with Hughes, Dareus, Shaq, and Lorenzo out at the same time. That is a scary front for any team to face. The DBs will have to have great coverage because the ball will be coming out very quick.

After this game we will be halfway through the season. I know the team is not looking ahead, but as fans we can look ahead. There are enough wins on the remaining schedule for the Bills to make the playoffs. So no more of this stupid negativity and let’s go there and watch this team win some games. Also, Fuck you WGR and Fuck you Tom Brady

We out,

Scott Campbell


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