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Need to BILLieve - Week 14 Preview

Numb Bills Fan Podcast | Authentic Bufalo Bills talk with Dave Palermo & Adam Deacon

Going into the last five games we knew we had to win at least 4 games. Guess what, we can still win those 4 games and the hardest game we had we lost, so this is far from impossible. The defense will need to improve drastically and quick. Tyrod had one of his worst throwing games all season, but it is not time to start bailing on him. We are still in the playoff hunt and Tyrod gives us the best chance to win. If they pick up his option at the end of this season he will be getting paid on average of the 20th best QB, which is a reasonable contract. Make the team around him better and if he continues to struggle then move on. Also, to disagree with someone on the NumbBillsFan Podcast (cough cough Dave) there was 1 time Watkins ran the wrong route and the other 6 incompletions were not Watkins fault at all. No WR is going to take those inaccurate throws and turn them into catches. Also, I do not think the defense is scared of Goodwin and O’Leary, so he is double covered with the DBs right on his back and it is not hard to swat a ball down when you know exactly where it is going before it is released from the QBs hand.

Keys to the game

  • No more 3 & outs

After the Bills go up 24-9 they go 3 and out three straight times. Tyrod missed every throw, penalties and no running room on all 3 drives. To stop the run that Oakland was on they needed to get a least a first down to start and then some points. Against a high powered offense like Pitt, staying on the field will be the most important thing this week.

  • Takeaways

I do not have the confidence that the Bills defense can stop this high powered offense. The great equalizer is getting takeaways to stop the offense in its tracks. When the Bills do not get any takeaways they’ve lost every game. One good trend that is in the Bills favor is Big Bens stats on the road are far less superior then his home stats; Home TD-INT is 17-3 Away 8-5. Those are pretty big contrasting stats that hopefully the Bills defense can take advantage of

  • Bounce Back for Special Teams

Colton Schmidt probably had his worst game as a Buffalo Bill, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt that, that will the outlier game of his career. Oakland had great field position all game from bad punting and punt coverage. Shaq Lawson will be starting this week, which will help our special teams out with Alexander having a bigger role with the kick coverage. Snow could be a great advantage for the Bills this week with the Bills being more of a run team and Pitt being more of pass team.

This week in Buffalo Media might have been the final straw with me. They are a complete joke. They do not understand what the common football fan wants to hear, they just think we want to hear these questions. I’d rather not have my QB thinking about anything other than the final 4 games. And when it’s obvious he is not going to answer questions about his contract, STOP FUCKING ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HES CONTRACT. Buffalo is the best at running great players out of the system. I think we are about to do the same with Sammy and Tyrod. Consistency is the most important thing in the NFL. Let’s build around these 2 players and not cut ties with a QB after TWO FUCKING YEARS.

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