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No One Circles The Wagons...

I would not want to be a part of any other fan base in the entire world. Last week it was burn it all down and now this week we are going to the Super Bowl. It is all or nothing, no in between, and complete die hard passion. “Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth”, Mike Tyson said it best and that is exactly what the Bills did to the Cardinals this week. Bills never trailed and completely dominated both sides of the trenches. Cardinals could not stop the run and could not stop the Bills front 7 (or just Kyle Williams). Game Ball has to go to Kyle Williams, who was disruptive the entire game, and was in the backfield the whole game, for both run and pass plays. Now we are onto New England and the Keys to the game; which it is nice to know that some Bills coaches must be reading after checking off every key to the game last week.

Keys to the game

  • Do not get Too Jacked Up

As anyone who saw last years first meeting between the Bills and the Patriots, the Bills players were way too fired up for the game. Too many stupid penalties for late hits, players out of position because they were not thinking and just wanted to hit someone, and Aaron Williams going psycho on the sidelines. Players need to keep their emotions in check, but still play hard and smart. Hoping being on the road actually helps them not get too jacked up

  • No Mistakes

The Patriots have been so good for so long because 1. They hardly ever make mistakes and 2. They make you pay for yours. Just look back one week to the Houston game. New England not once, but twice; kicked a FG-kicked off-Hou fumbles kickoff-NE scores a TD within a min. That’s 20 points right there; NE just crushes Houston’s morale and never looks back. Bills will need to limit the turnovers and the penalties at bad times. Once NE steps on your throat they will kill you, so need to keep it close and not shoot ourselves in the foot.

  • O Continue to Play Simple

Perfect offensive game plan worked last week against the Cardinals and same concept, maybe not same type, but concept will be needed to beat the Pats. The concept is keep it simple, last week it was simply get the ball in McCoy and Tyrods hands running. This week that might not work, but simple passes are just as good as a run. A couple times on first down the Bills ran a simple 5-yard pass, which is as good as a run. Expect to see more of that. Another thing that made it easier for the Bills offense was finally the play calls were getting in quickly and giving Tyrod time to read the defense. Another thing they did was put players in motion which also helps Tyrod read the defense. Anything to make things simpler and help Tyrod out will help the O out.

It will be great to see if the Bills can play with and possibly beat one of the best, most consistent teams in the NFL. I am confident that Jimmy G will be the starting QB, but it really doesn’t change much who the QB is since Rex has a great track record vs Rookie/1st year QBs. Expect to see more confusing defenses setup by Rex and the Bills need to stop Blount from running (expect a lot of running from NE). Make Jimmy G beat a Rex defense and make mistakes.

In other football related news this weekend is a great weekend for College Football. There are 3 top 10 matchups this week starting Friday night with 7 Stanford vs 10 Washington, going into Saturday 8 Wisconsin vs 4 Michigan 3:30 kickoff and then the primetime matchup on ABC 8:00pm 3 Louisville vs 5 Clemson. Even if you are not a college football fan you should be watching these games they will all be great and could be future Buffalo Bills someday.

Just Don’t suck,

Scott Campbell @ScottCampbell13

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