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Welcome to Numb Bills Fan for Season Number 8! Pics from the weekend at end!

Special thank you to everyone over the years for supporting Numb Bills Fan Media- we started as a podcast and journeyed into all the spots of organic fun. This journey of fun satirical nonsense began in March of 2015, immediately after Rex Ryan was hired to coach The Buffalo Bills. The goal was to talk shit, track its, and see how it holds up with the "experts" from friends through mainstream media; not playing an organized down of football made it that more interesting for me.

Former band member Adam Deacon (who helped teach me the band ropes) immediately wanted on board after episode one; he helped push the podcast into different avenues allowing more creative growth with simple software solutions. Adam now moderates the Billsmafia board on Facebook- special thank you and shoutout as we have worked together and broken up like dirty exes many times. Billsfanatics asked us to contribute which pushed us towards video and more production time. Inception concept was to podcast only, offering long form thought being mindful of audio quality for listeners. Listening to talk radio and podcasts hours per day- the audio quality and substance mattered for Numb Bills Fan. What can we offer being mindful of peoples time?

Doug Marrone started coaching the "Lovable Losers," did some good and bad things in his two years, the contract ended weird after bringing the Bills the first winning record in forever. Billsmafia saw loads of Bills loves like Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson, retire or get traded and at that time- bought into what the media from the team said about the players. Started learning about public relations after the podcast was started- aka the playbook for media tying emotional values into material items... which means run cover for the gross shit behind closed doors of sports and keeping this "Disney World" image as much as possible. What became clearly apparent was players being muzzled of any opinions or thoughts all while the national media takes dumps on them. From a players perspective, media says fall in line use fans to shame players into taking the money and shutting up... websites like profootballtalk and local blogs, offer cute nuggets of info or jokes to research and get educated on the teams history... but at a certain point it becomes who can take the biggest shit on someone for a thumbs up. Why not take a different approach and offer an organic way of thought between fans and more?

After the paragraphs were written above on Thursday September the 8th, I hit an airplane to end up mid game at SoFi Stadium for the Buffalo Bills opener against the LA Rams. Walked into a tie game thirteen minutes left in the third quarter and ended leaving a Bills domination of the Rams. Bills Fans were louder than Rams fans by far and being a Rams fan was worse than being a Bills fan in Toronto for more opposing team fans than Bills fans! Billsmafia clearly showed up as the Bills did not disappoint.

Back to the initial matter at hand-

2022 brought a dust settling, personally staying focused only about the Bills as the world burns down- will not be a priority of mine anymore in media. Empowering those who want an organic platform to speak and track their smack talk on all media, is of vast greater interest. Numb Bills Fan has evolved for 2022 to be on all main social medias, podcasting, TikTok, IG, Snapchat, and barely Facebook. Instagram is the best one stop shop and allows podcasting to bring the longer form thought after quick bites from other platforms.

New Hosts and Contributors for 2022 Ben Grimaudo, Matt Travis and Dave Miller all are organic in thought with different backgrounds of life. Dave know lives in Tampa Bay as a former resident of Buffalo. Ben graduated from Oswego in media and has been a part of Syracuse sports terrestrial radio. Matt is my barista from Starbucks of over 6 years and met Ben through it all at the Miami Dolphins game hosting the Bills in 2021. We all hit it off the bat and decided to all contribute content to Numb Bills Fan and More!

Find us Everywhere!

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Ben Grimaudo - @Ben_Grimaudo

David Palermo - @DavidjPalermo

Matt Travis - @MattTravis14

Mike Smith - @mcSmith2406

Dave Miller - @TheDMiller


Ben - @NumbBillsTok


Mike Smith and David Palermo @NumbBillsFan

Thank you all for the continued support of having fun with friends and sports.

-David Palermo

Here are some pics from the opener in Los Angeles

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