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#247 Josh Allen is the 2020 Bills, Ryan Fitzpatrick to Bills? W/ Kevin Massare

The Buffalo Bills have invested most of their resources under Sean McDermott in defense. 2020 Bills defense cannot stop a run to save its life and cannot tackle. Also what’s very uncharacteristic is the penalties and type of penalties the McDermott run Bills received against the Chiefs. Josh Allen plays great- poor defense is forgotten about, it’s “modern football,” and not a talking point. Josh Allen plays average or has a down game- Bills lose pointing the defense has a long way to go- or was it simply the Bills played Afc champions of last season. Either way Jersey Jets are up and as train wreck, great game for the Bills to get their own team and culture back on track. Disgruntled quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick could be looking for work, will Bills make a move? Some Quinton Spain talk and other nuggets of banter.

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