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NBF #219 Antonio Brown to be Traded to the Buffalo Bills! oh…. wait. Are the Bills “setup” for an AB

After falling asleep in half a track suit, host David Palermo awoke with a myriad of Bills and Antonio Brown trade rumor texts… Initially the thoughts are very positive in twitter land and across the sports landscape, but after a while the Bills became a joke for national media to poke fun at even “Josh Allen’s Accuracy.” Dave reviews “stats are for losers’ while resetting the scene at One Bills Drive for an audit of the philosophical situational fit of Antonio Brown. The 2019 NFL Draft is upon us, and with many holes to fill on the offensive side of the ball, could the Bills actually set themselves up for a cool trade candidate thats a top flight talent with loads of cap space available? Also some notes on theories with contracts, as in staggering the positional talent. i.e.) Draft a cornerback high this year as Tre White is going into year three destined for a top flight contract- if he leaves Buffalo, draft a cornerback following year.

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