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  • David Palermo

NBF #216 Kevin Massare from Locked On Bills, Building the Future

Kevin Massare from Locked On Bills joins the podcast for the first time, in a long time. Great catching up, as it gets us a different perspective. David and Kevin reset the days of reasoning for starting do it yourself media, and where their hearts were and the possible progression into “negative coverage.” When this podcast is recorded Buffalo could pick as high as four or as low as ten for the 2019 NFL draft. With ten draft picks in 2019, and some cap space, the Bills could do some serious overhauling on the offensive side. That said, its extremely hard to read the tea leaves with deep fans ready to move on from the offensive line coach and run game coordinator Juan Castillo; especially after two horrible years coaching both. The defense has been THE story for the Buffalo Bills to build from, especially with young talent showing more than just dependable play. McBeane’s pick of Taron Johnson and undrafted rookie free agent Levi Wallace rank in the top five cornerbacks according to Pro Football Focus. Every few weeks the defense progresses well in an area, started from the defensive line, then linebackers and now the cornerbacks playing as a great unit. Will there be accountability on failing position coaches?

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