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NBF #207 Colts Earn Second Win Blowing Out the Bills, Kelvin Benjamin and Oline Best Game of Season?

The Buffalo Bills fell hard to the Indianapolis Colts, leaving many Bills fans who were supporting the team, finally turn. Host David Palermo reads a letter from Russ Salvatore live on air, with comments on him being 85, and jumping off the Bills Wagon offering McDermott some golf in January. Russ is not just an average fan, he has supported financially sponsoring advertising for his businesses on Buffalo Bills shows along with hosting huge Bills fan parties. A super heart felt thing Russ would do is purchase remaining tickets to home games, and the tickets were then distributed to local military and youth organizations. There is some hope from the last game the Bills played, Kelvin Benjamin had his most impressive game as a Buffalo Bill, plucking the ball from the air when Anderson tossed it only where he could snag it. Zay jones also looked solid, along with Chris Ivory and the offensive line steadily progressing to their best day yet. Derek Anderson was thrown in earlier than he planned, that said was the best performance in yards from any Bills quarterback this season.

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