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  • David Palermo

Podcast #198 The Buffalo Bills Stomp Minnesota Vikings, Coaching A+

The game Buffalo Bills fans have been waiting for; after being a punchline for NFL fans and media, the Buffalo Bills shock their world as they rolled into Minnesota and stomped out the Vikings. First and foremost host David Palermo gives credit to the coaching staff for making the adjustments needed, to fit their talent into the highest odds of production. Defensively players were everywhere, turnovers galore and an unpredictable pass rush. With the defense leaving the Bills offense with shorter fields, quarterback Josh Allen drove down the field relentlessly first half for a 24-0 Bills lead going into halftime. All phases of the Buffalo Bills were solid, keeping a great fan base in Minnesota quiet all game long. Mike Smith @fantasysmitty joins the conversation with his thoughts on the Bills game plan and coaching adjustments.

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