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  • David Palermo

NBF #193 Numb Bills Fan Live! From Players to Coach to the General Manager, Need to be In Sync.

Join the conversation on Facebook by following Numb Bills Fan, to get a notification when we go "Live." Still irritated after a Buffalo Bills soul crushing defeat, David Palermo sounds off, while taking in some comments. The theme for the podcast this year unfortunately has been on the "negative" side or shall we say, the real deal side of math; which does not always turn out to be "positive." Simple Math here is equity, the holes the Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott did not fill were absolutely glaring opening day. So the Bills have a load of cap space next year, who would want to come to Buffalo? The Pegulas, Beane and McDermott and the players have not been a Buffalo Bills fan for years, feels as if yesterday the first actual free agent to come to Buffalo was Mario Williams. Jim Overdorf always did a good job fitting good players and their hefty contracts under the cap, instead the team just releases loads of talent for draft picks and cap space creating loads of dead cap, yet cry they have no money for better players. When were the Bills setup better before a season with draft picks, six draft picks in the top three rounds, landed on two players. it's not about who they drafted its about the holes ignored on the roster all season followed by a persistent hollow "trust the process" banter. Let's not forget, Buffalo was a barren waste land for free agents before Mario Williams came to town, took years for the Bills to shake the "cheap" label. Time to end the suffering and actually make smart moves Buffalo, if this team does not improve drastically, would you trust Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott to make the next draft picks and personnel evaluation, especially when the team has digressed drastically? Comment section was awesome, look forward to interacting again before the Los Angeles at Buffalo Bills home opener!

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