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NBF #192 Bills Sloppy and Unprepared for Season Opener

Going into week one, The Buffalo Bills squaring off on the road against the Baltimore Ravens did not seem to be a "sure fire" victory... The question is, did anyone expect the Buffalo Bills to look so unprepared? Fans of the Bills will endure just about anything, but there comes a point where Buffalo fans (of any of their sports), need to see more results and less talk. Many holes that were a concern, and not addressed for the personnel of the roster this past offseason; showed to still be holes. David Palermo and Mike Smith rant together on just about every topic this game could of presented, along with tying in prior predictions or now corrections of those predictions. There were a few bright spots, one being Josh Allen looks to get the Bills the best shot to win over Nathan Peterman's poor performance. Tremaine Edmunds was making plays throughout the game as well. Lack of touches for LeSean McCoy, and Kelvin Benjamin drops the ball... a lot... why?

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