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  • David Palermo

NBF #188 It's Time to Back Nathan Peterman

Nate Peterman was just announced to be the Buffalo Bills quarterback going into the 2018 season against the Ravens in Baltimore. From the stat keepers at home, to the haters and the average eye, Nathan was clearly the best quarterback of the competition. As a fan, its time to buckle in and see what will happen. Is this decison a way to buy time to properly evaluate the offensive personnel, while not ruining Josh Allen's psyche? Theres three scenarios that will likely happen, yet leaves the fans many different avenues. Could Nate be developed and traded for picks, or do you keep supporting the hot hand, possibly to a point of sitting Josh Allen for more than a season. Worst case, what happens in Nathan Peterman bombs, how many games do you keep him in? Overall, it's now time to move on from the Los Angeles Chargers game of 2017 and support the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback.

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