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Our Pets Heads Have NOT Fallen Off Yet

Bills Fans after Week One

(A+ Paint work I know)

Quick Shot- Ravens Game Wrap Up

The offense looked like it did not play together during the preseason because our offense did not play together for the majority of the preseason. The offense was very rusty, Tyrod missed open wide receivers downfield, the o-line could not keep the pressure off Tyrod and opened few holes for the running game. Good news is, it was only week 1, the defense was very good, and Sammy is not out for the season. The offense should get better once they knock the rust off; they have too many explosive playmakers not too. The blueprint is out there to stop Tyrod, he will watch some tape and realize he needs to take shots down the middle of the field. If he does not progress the rest of the season, the Bills do not have to pay him.

Moving on to week 2 for the Thursday Night Football game vs the New York Jets

The color rush is back with the all red jerseys (undefeated in) and the Jets are in the all whites, can thank the colorblind community so we do not have to have Christmas in September.

Keys to the game

-Special Teams Penalties: Same problem as a year ago for the bills. Too many special teams penalties that hurt field position and extended opponents drives after a stop.

-Tyrod taking shots: Tyrod needs to take shots down the middle of the field to open up the run game and underneath routes. Teams are going to play with high safeties and make Tyrod beat them as a QB.

-Sammy Targets: Depending how much Sammy is available, according to him he is good to go, Tyrod needs to give his best player a chance to win battles. The best WRs in the game their QB just throws it too them even if they are covered.

-This looks like it should be a very defensive game with the Jets defense looking very solid again. The Bills O-Line is going to have their work cut out with the Jets front 7.

-Hopefully Fitz continues to have problems against a Rex Ryan defense and the Bills get some Turnovers with some good field position. This will be a huge test for the Bills offense to see if they can have a bounce back game.

The stadium should be rocking, the parking lots should be filled with Zubaz cans, and plastic tables will have bodies thrown through them. I’ll be tailgating nice and early for this one, cannot wait to see the mayhem for a Home Night Game at the cap The Ralph.

Remember to send the best tailgating pictures and videos to @ScottCampbell13 on Twitter!

Just Win Baby,

-Scott Campbell

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