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Welcome Scott Campbell to the Team!

Scott Campbell,

The Truth.

About a month after I was born wide right happened, and so began the first four years of my life and four straight Super Bowl losses. Since then, I have witnessed pretty much every heart ripping defeat the Buffalo Bills have had and somehow I’m still here with season tickets sitting right next to Dave (@Numbbillsfan). In 2013 I graduated from St. John Fisher College and left (with a degree), along with the Russ Brandon Award as the best dual sport athlete at college in Lacrosse and Soccer from 2009-2013

I am no expert, but I’m still going to give out my predictions, some recaps, some humor sprinkled in there, some gambling picks, and maybe college football game of the week to watch (I’m a big college football fan). If you don’t like what I say you can yell at me on twitter @ScottCampbell13 and tell me why I’m an idiot and tell me how you think Cardale Jones should be the starting QB after Tyrod has one bad throw. I’ll probably make fun of the people who blow up the internet and call into the radio, that really have no idea what they are talking about, yet are convinced everyone should be fired. Hoping to have some good conversation with some regular Bills fans, I’m kind of like the regular guy at the bar who likes to shoot the shit. This will be the only time I mention the Refs this year, yea they suck get over it (going to try to remember that in the stadium for my dad’s sake). I take my compliments in the form of beer (section 331 row 6) come say sup, I do not take insults in the form of beer thrown at me. Why would you waste a beer anyways? Can you tell I like Beer? Might as well get this started with some predictions game by game for the season and see how many I can get wrong. Let’s enjoy the ride because before you know it football is over.

Lets get Weird with Season Picks!

Week 1 Buffalo at Baltimore 1:00pm Prediction: W

This game is the biggest toss up of the season in my opinion and should set the tone for the rest of the season. The Ravens are obviously way better than their 5-11 record from last season, especially when you account all of the injuries they suffered to important players. It will be interesting to see how both Flacco and Suggs come back after major leg injuries. Here’s hoping to some rust and I think this is a perfect time for the Bills to take advantage of the Ravens. The Bills defense will look like a typical Rex Ryan Defense and Tyrod, Mccoy, and Watkins will make enough big plays to get a close victory 20-17.

Week 2 New York Jets Thursday Night Game 8:25pm Prediction: W

The game every plastic table within a 60 mile radius of The Ralph (not calling it “The Cap”), has been dreading. The Zubaz filled parking lots will be filled and the energy from the tailgate will be at an all-time high. The combination of a Home opener and a night game will have the parking lots looking like Armageddon. As for the game itself; Fitz isn’t going to have as good of a season from last year, something we all saw firsthand after the Bills paid him. I see the Bills picking him off a few times and winning 24-10.

Week 3 Arizona 1:00pm Prediction: L

Only advantage Buffalo has going into this game is a West Coast Team playing on the East Coast. Other than that Zona has too good of an offense and defense for the Bills to stay with them. 27-17.

Week 4 at New England 1:00 pm Prediction: W

Jimmy G stinks with a capital S. He is just not a good QB and Rex Ryan’s defense always shows up in Foxborro. Tyrod causing havoc on the Pats defense and the Bills win a close one 17-14.

Week 5 at LA Rams 4:25pm Prediction: W

Buffalo gets their first trip back to LA since 1983. Rams are starting the season with their Number 1 overall draft pick as a healthy scratch, which is never a good sign. Bills always seem to struggle in West Coast trips against far superior teams. This group seems to have a swag about them and with the first game back from suspension, Dareus steps up big and bills win big 31-13.

Week 6 San Francisco 1:00 pm Prediction: W

San Francisco might be the worst team in the league and coming from the west coast this could get ugly. 28-3.

Week 7 at Miami Prediction: L

Bills are due for a letdown game and for some reason it always happens in Miami. Dolphins are not that good I just think the Bills lose it, no other reasoning then that. 28-13.

Week 8 Patriots 1:00pm Prediction: L

Tom Brady is back and he is looking to blow teams out. Brady, Gronk, and Edelman will try to run up the score but Tyrod, Watkins, and McCoy keep it close in a high scoring affair, 35-31.

Week 9 at Seahawks Monday Night Football 8:30 Prediction: L

Buffalo gets to showcase the new and improved offense on national TV for a second time and this time on a bigger stage. Seattle is a very hard place to play and Seattle is generally a very good team. This will be a very close game and come down to the final drive. Unfortunately home field wins 17-14.

Week 11 at Bengals 1:00 PM Prediction: W

This is a game where the Bills can show they are a legit contender as a Playoff team. A road game against a team that consistently makes the playoffs (and loses). Tyrod and company go into Cinci and put on a show 24-17.

Week 12 Jacksonville 1:00pm Prediction: W

Bills need to revenge the London game from a year ago. Blake Bortles is a legit QB in the NFL and their Defense should be much better this year. The 12th man comes through in this game and pushes Buffalo to Victory 20-17.

Week 13 at Oakland 4:05pm Prediction: W

Raiders are a very similar team to the Jags. Young QB with high upside and a very young good defense. Bills a couple years ago went into Oakland with Orton and laid an egg. This new attitude around the locker room does not do that. They go to the West coast for the 3rd time this year and pick up their 2nd win on the west coast 28-14.

Week 14 Steelers 1pm Prediction: L

This is similar to the Bengals game, as it is a test of another team that is consistently in the playoffs. Big Ben and Brown continue their season long dominance and put a great test on our corners. Ultimately Steelers win the WR/DB battle. 27-20.

Week 15 Cleveland Browns 1:00pm Prediction: W

It’s the Browns…Next.

Week 16 Dolphins 1:00pm Prediction: W

Bills haven’t lost to the Dolphins twice in a season in a long time. The heat of Miami will not be present in cold months of December in Buffalo. BillsMafia will have its liquid blankets on and Miami will be praying for the heat of the bus. 35-6

Week 17 at Jets Prediction: L

Jets finally get a win against the Bills for the first time in 3 years. Hopefully this does not keep the Bills out of the playoffs. Bills fans with their NYE hangover will be scoreboard watching and needing help to secure that wildcard 17-14.

The Buffalo Bills end the 2016 season in the playoffs at 10-6

Send your favorite Tailgate and Watch Party Pics and Video to me on Twitter @ScottCampbell13. Every Monday I'll be picking the best ones to post and comment on!

LETS GO BILLS! and Remember, Lets Enjoy the Ride!


-Scott Campbell

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