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A Series of Scenes, Processing The Buffalo Bills’ 9/17/23 Victory over The Raiders

-Tim Avery Presents

—---------------------------------------------------- Scene 1 —------------------------------------------------------

5:19 PM (EST) - 9/17/23:

(Wherein the Author Revels in Victory while Parsing the Previous Week)

My wife and I were driving home from Chili, New York, after watching us defeat the Raiders. WGR 550 AM was transmitting Schopp & The Bulldog. They took a call from a “Long time, first time.” I turned up the radio to focus in on the take crackling over the airwaves.

“Hey Schopp. Hey Bulldog. Long time listener; first time caller. Well, at least now we won’t hear the national media calling Josh Allen the next reincarnation of J.P. Losman...”

—----------------------------------------------------- Scene 2 ——---------------------------------------------------

Friday Morning - 9/15/23

(Wherein the Author First Listens to Media About the Bills, following the Jets Debacle)

Friday Morning - 9/15/23

Prior to today’s game, Joe Marino, arguably the most respected podcasting authority on the Buffalo Bills, introduced his Friday morning (9/15/23) "Locked on Bills" podcast as follows:

"Well, folks, it's now time to shift our attention away from the New York Jets, and what happened in week one, and focus in on week two: The Bills, the Raiders."

—------------------------------------------------------ Scene 3 —------------------------------------------------------

5:45 PM (EST) - 9/17/23

(Home: Cutting down and Drying Hops Following the Bills’ Victory over the Raiders - 9/17/23)

This past Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (all days we could have been researching and digesting the Bills v.s. Raiders, rather than being dragged through the emotional woodchipper that was last week’s debacle of a loss to the JESTS), even the fair media–even those who actually don’t despise the Bills–were dragged into the doom and gloom scrum.

Have you actually watched a rugby match?

Here is a scientific, visual depiction of a true scrum.

Would you prefer putting yourself through the afore-depicted, weekly, to watching and cheering for The Buffalo Bills?

I am not sure I want to hear the responses... Clicks don’t materialize out of thin air, and airtime isn’t given to clickless talking heads.

—------------------------------------------------------ Scene 4 —---------------------------------------------------

6:45 AM (EST) - 9/18/23

(Wherein the Author Prepares for the Work Week, While Compiling Snippets)

So, emerging from our 38 - 10 drubbing of the Raiders, what should our perspective be? This is the opportunity to re-write our 2023 narrative. We no longer have J.P. Losman; Josh fixed his turnover issues; all is well in Western New York.

Or is it?

Let’s look back to last year’s much maligned Run “D”. Which one? Oh yeah... the one that let Delvin Cook escape for 81 yards.

How is that run D doing now?

Well, I’ll just shout out to Greg Tompsett & Aaron Quinn, who noted the following factoid:

Josh Jacobs - 2022 NFL Rushing Leader:

9 carries - NEGATIVE 2 yards.

Schopp & The Bulldog (WGR 550 AM - Postgame: 9/17/23) noted that this is the first time since the 1970 merger that a reigning NFL rushing champion has been held to negative rushing yardage.

—---------------------------------------------------- Scene 5 —-------------------------------------------------------

11:30-ish PM (EST)

(Wherein the Author Reflects on Another AFC East Matchup While Cutting Hot Peppers)

I stayed up to core and brine banana peppers, for pickling, while listening to the “Westwood One Studio” clarify the way in which I should interpret Tua’s trouncing of the Patriots of New England. The announcers gave many a strong nod to Tom Brady and the work Bellichick had done, but were spellbound by rushes from Bills castoff Mostert, and continually praising Tua’s accurate rainbows.

The only accurate rainbows I’m excited about are those produced by Amish cross-stitchers...

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, today, the Bengals lost to a “running back QB” and an “Ossified Tight End”. It’s nothing to worry about, though, for them...

The sky only falls in Buffalo... Even when Cincy are 0-2, and KC is 1-1 with an abysmal

offensive output...

Tell me how to think, Media... I think I’ll take my own path.

-Tim Avery - 9/18/23

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