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  • David Palermo

NBF #222 Buffalo Bills Coaching Philosophy

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott has evolved and grown as a coach within the first two years being in Buffalo, with many fans on board since snapping the playoff drought. With the 2019 NFL Draft approaching for the Buffalo Bills, marrying players to scheme may reward immediate impacts. General football philosophy is- cheapest way to acquire talent is through the draft, especially since the rookie wage scale came into place with Sam Bradford being the last of super high rookie contract salaries. General Manager Brandon Beane swung for the fences in the 2018 NFL Draft trading six picks in the top three rounds for only two players after gutting the team of many starters due to “high cap numbers,” and neglected to fill many of those holes all of 2018. With year three approaching, and perspectives shifting from host David Palermo and Co-Host Producer Adam Deacon, they apply their latest goggles of “football knowledge and philosophy” on past regimes, and results are varied. The Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott and GM Brandon Beane seem to be in classic “lock step” voicing the same message, hard work and being a professional- status quo right?

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