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Playoff Push

I think the bye week was not only good for the team, but also the fans. Everyone was heated after that MNF game, as they should be, the break was needed. Now it is crunch time. Personally I love that we only have AFC teams left. Control your own destiny, you hear it a lot in college football, but at this point the Bills control their own destiny and I would not have it any other way. This team is good and never stop believing or BILLieving in them. The advance stats have them ranked as the number 6 team in the NFL, so do not give up on them. Yes, injuries suck, but it’s the name of the game; but next man up as the patriots say (lower case p on purpose). It has been two weeks since the refs took the game out of the Bills players’ hands to win it. Positives of that game; 1. Tyrod deserves his contract next year, love him or hate him he makes this team better and will do anything to win 2. Pay Woods 3. Defense cannot get any worse. On to the keys to this week.

Keys to the Game

  • No more Big Plays

This team is getting crushed on the big plays. It is just killing them. Hopefully the switch to White and Seymour help in that category to get some bigger bodies in there. Tight Ends are killing us and I don’t blame Robey-Coleman, but he is just not big enough to handle that and also the defense needs to switch coverage on those plays. Tyler Eifert the Tight End for the Bengals is a tough matchup, so it will be interesting to see who is matched up with him; we miss you Aaron Williams.

  • Need Turnovers

Quick trivia when was the last time the Bills got a turnover…..I’ll give you a second.

4 games ago and what have the Bills done in the 3 games in between you ask? They did not win,

they have gotten zero turnovers during this 3 game losing streak. It’s incredible they are even close in these. Giving extra possessions to the offense will be key to winning this game. The defense needs to come up with some big plays. Check your watches its TURNOVER TIME!

  • Offense do you

Offense needs to keep going with this momentum. Tyrod you are great. McCoy you are incredible. Woods keep doing you, we have noticed you for years as such an all-around amazing Wide Reciever I hope the nation realizes it too. PAY THE MAN

P.S: please just win, it’s going to be tough to write and do these podcasts over here at if we are out of the playoffs haha

Come on,

-Scott Campbell


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