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This is NOT "the Same Old Bills"

Last week was a game that previous Bills teams usually lose in crippling fashion. It was starting to look that way in the 2nd half, until late in the 3rd Quarter the Bills did not Bills themselves and did something we have not seen in a long time, they found a way to win. When NCR pick 6’d it you could tell this is a different team. This team has something special that past teams have not had in a long time. They find ways to win and at the end of the day that is all I want from this team, just win.

Going off that people need to stop trying to make Tyrod something he probably will never be. He is not going to be the 3 step drop back pocket QB, who picks defensives apart, just stop. I will take the QB that finds a different way to win and uses their different skill sets to their advantage. Tyrod will use his legs in the run game and the pass game. The fact people complained about the Justin Hunter TD still blows my mind, Tyrod had nothing, baited the defense in with his legs, then throws a TD. That is what Tyrod does and that is how Tyrod is going to win the Bills games.


QB A-G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Rate

16 407 257 63.1 25.4 3,357 8.2 209.8 26 6.4 9 2.2 101.2

QB B-G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Rate

5 139 86 61.9% 27.8 897 6.5 179.4 2 4.3 2 1.4 88.9


These QB stats are very similar, I would give QB A a slight edge, but they are very similar. QB A is Russell Wilson in 2013 when the Seahawks won the super bowl. QB B is obviously Tyrod. The point of this is everyone always raves about how great Wilson was even though his stats are very similar to Tyrod. Russell averaged 33.7 rush yards a game that year, Tyrod is at 33.6 yards a game. Let Tyrod be Tyrod like Seattle let Russell be Russell and lets just keep winning and stop complaining that Tyrod does not stay in the pocket. On to the keys to the game.

Keys to the Game

  • Can’t Let Kaepernick Get Comfort

Not going to lie I would much rather see Gabbert paying QB Sunday, there is a reason Kap took a team to the Superbowl. On the other hand there is a reason he also got benched for Gabbert and looked awful last year. Bills defense needs to get to him early and not let him feel comfortable in the pocket. If he gets in a rythm he will get confidence and will play better. The Brown brothers are the perfect linebackers to run the QB spy with, expect Rex to have a game plan for the QB runs

  • Offense needs to stay on the field longer

Last week the defense looked a little tired in the 4th quarter. The offense was going 3 and out in the 2nd half and it had an effect in the 4th quarter last week. This week will be even more important with the Chip Kelly fast pace offense. They run mostly no huddle so the defense will have to be well rested because they will not have the opportunity to sub out as much.

  • Keep Running Running

McCoy should be getting serious consideration for MVP of the entire league, not just the Bills. The Bills offense is McCoy and it is great to see a fully healthy McCoy run and make professional athletes look silly trying to catch him. The 49ers defense is not very good against the run, so McCoy should get a lot of touches this week. He could go for over 200 yards from scrimmage this week.

See Everyone at the Ralph Sunday

Let’s Continue not to suck,

Scott Campbell


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