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Week 2 is Over, and so is The Buffalo Bills Season

Its week 2 and the Bills season is over……according to some so called “Bills” fans. Yes, it is less than ideal starting off 0-2, but it is NOT the end of the season. Honestly even if they go 0-4 to start it is not the end of the season. I see eight wins on the schedule currently for the Bills, which means the Bills need to steal 1 or 2 games to make the playoffs. In the NFL this is very, very possible. Brings us to the upcoming game against a very solid Arizona team.

Bills Keys to Steal the Game.

  • 3rd down efficiency BOTH sides of the ball

Against the Jets the offense could not sustain a drive which in turn tired our defense out. The defense on the other side has to come up with a 3rd down stop, Jets were 8-13. That shows how well the Bills were on 1st and 2nd, and how terrible they were on 3rd, can’t happen against Arizona.

  • Let your athletes be athletes

Everything is sounding like the playbook has been stripped down now that Anthony Lynn has taken over as the new OC. Get the balls into Tyrod, McCoy, Watkins, Clay, Woods hands and let them ball out. Sometimes coaches try to do too much and it hurts the team and they just out coach themselves, which could have been the problem with Roman. Also, play calls should be getting in quicker this week (still do not understand why this wasn’t the system from the beginning, frustrating as a Bills fan).

  • Make Carson Palmer Move out of the Pocket

If Carson Palmer is comfortable in the pocket and can set his feet, he will pick the defense apart. He is a top QB in the league for a reason and has probably the best Skill players to his disposal. The Bills D-Line and blitz schemes need to get a pass rush and make him move because unlike Fitz a week ago he will not escape and run for many yards.

I am not giving up on the Bills this year. Took a week to get over the loss to the Jets, but just looking ahead this team has a chance to be good. Hopefully the offense can stay on the field and the defense can get off the field this week. Need to be positive in the turnover game, which means maybe this is not the week to force it to Sammy deep being that he is being covered by the best cover corner in the game that will take it 6 the other way. Here is hoping to a Sammy screen this week, I JUST WANT ONE!

Just Don’t Suck,

Scott Campbell;


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