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  • David Palermo

NBF #221 Buffalo Bills Draft Philosophy

The 2019 NFL Draft is coming, and no matter who the Buffalo Bills pick, as stoked as most will be, many fans will not be satisfied with the selection. Host David Palermo is joined by Producer and Classic Numb Bills Fan Co-Host Adam Deacon to break down their perspective shifts over the years watching NFL football teams fight this war between value and need. Is there a legitimate thought process of taking the "best player available," and or "filling needs," or is it all hot smoke from the public relations departments of teams? Over the years of Buffalo Bills drafts, perspectives shift as fans grow more mature to the game. When applying the latest version of armchair General Manager, how do decisions of the past couple GMs stack up? Bills GM Brandon Beane showed in the 2018 NFL Draft, anything is possible beyond your wildest dreams.

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