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NBF #208 Bills Defense Incredible Against Pats, Bills Offense Still Inept, Terrelle Pryor Signs, At

One phase of three is playing great for their team, thats the Buffalo Bills Defense. The Bills offense seems to get pure hairs better each week and can maybe drop a touchdown every other game in the Mac conference of NCAA ball. Special teams has been too noticeable all year, Bills sign Colton Schmidt back to the roster. Also Bills signed Quarterback Matt Barkley and the former Infamous “THE Ohio State” Quarterback, now wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. Is one of three phases enough to keep McDermott and Beane at One Bills Drive? This is a discussion, not a get everyone fired podcast, never about people losing jobs, about professional sports coming together as a cohesive unit from ownership down through the GM, Coach, to Assistant Coaches to Players. The foundation of the coaching staff on oftense is still there from Offensive line coach Juan Castillo. His title is and has been “Run Game Coordinator.” and well its been inept after inheriting a great run game, best in the NFL two years prior. Bills fans talking McBeane is just about as big of a dividing argument almost as parallel as “Fake News Politics” dividing our friends and family. Bills made the playoffs and many fans feel two years down the line its deserved to retain the job. Many fans feel no sense of urgency coming from One Bills Drive on roster moves. The trade deadline passed and Brandon Beane made no moves with obvious players having some small equity for next seasons draft. Kelvin Benjamin must have zero interest from teams, or the Bills must really love his game. Many left wondering, what is the process.

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